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The Living Room Lighting Types

Living Room Lights

Lighting Trio

An Experienced look at how to make the most of the lighting fixtures. Proper lighting can play a major role in defining the spirit of the living space. When planning a lighting project, we have to understand the three-lighting rule.

  1. Ambient lighting. To ensure thorough lighting across the room.
  2. Task lighting. Guiding light to a specific place.
  3. Accent lighting. Drawing attention to an object on display in a dramatical way

The living room has a specific need for illumination. Since the needs are different from other rooms in the house. There should be special attention to the intensity of lighting, to sufficiently illuminate all activities such as reading, entertaining, listening to music, or just watching Tv. To maintain the lighting trio rule in the living room we have to regulate the intensity, positioning, and diversity of lighting that can dramatically change the design and feel of a room.

Lighting categories

When we have a living room lighting project on hand, there are so many categories of lighting fixtures to consider.

  1. Overhead Lighting.
  2. Drop-Down Fixtures.
  3. Floor and Table Fixtures.
  4. Wall Sconces.

Overhead Lighting.

Spotlighting, track lighting, and flush / semi-flush mounting all these are mounted in the ceiling, providing ambient light which occasionally can be set in certain direction and intensities but not effective enough to be task lighting due to their positioning high on the ceiling.

Chandeliers and other pendant fixed to the ceiling and dropping down, are a great provider of ambient light and maybe task lighting depending on the size and placement, you will find these fixtures to be stylish and sophisticated

Traditional Chandeliers.

Chandeliers have multiple lamps and are a great provider of ambient light and maybe task lighting depending on the size and placement, you will find these fixtures to be stylish and sophisticated.

Chandelier The traditional version is a cluster of crystal prisms dangling from branches like metallic frames illuminating the room by refraction.

Modern Minimalist Chandelier.

The modern version has the tendency for minimalist trend From designs in warm woods and art glass to a variety of metallic looks, the modern chandelier comes in a wide range of innovative styles, shapes, and materials.

Modern chandeliers is are a sure way to give your home a trendy look. A chandelier could make a difference and refresh your space and with new lighting the ambiance will describe the theme for your interior design. With so many new trends emerging, there’s modern chandelier for everyone that crave trends.

Single Lighting Pendant

The Pendant lights add lighting superbly fusing with other lighting elements in the room. It is a one-light fixture dropping from the ceiling held by an electrical wire, secured with a decorative link.


Multiple Lighting Pendant

To add style these fixtures comes in multiple number mostly aligned or in a geometric formation, more people are resorting to this trend since its more economical than a chandelier in cost and space.

Floor And Table Lamps.

Task lighting can be achieved with floor and table lamps and as additional ambient light.

Some table lamps are purely decorative while others are meant to help illuminate an area. Table lamps allow a careful adjustment of the ambiance of a room in several ways. They offer this extra light where you need it while giving a touch of character. Table lamps are the perfect candidates to install on consoles, side tables, and bedside tables, desks, and shelves.

Floor lamps are also a perfect way to lighten up a living room. Usually, the floor lamp is built to send light upwards that acts as ambient light off the ceiling, Both fixtures fill the gap that ambient light can’t reach and to make it stylish you may need to use those types of fixtures anywhere in the room especially next to a couch or chair

Wall Sconces

A wall scone is an eye-level wall-mounted soft mood light source casting a glow on a surface and diffusing its light all around the room you can adjust the intensity of the light emitted by the categories of light bulbs used and with dimmers also. It’s the only fixture we install on a wall inside our house. As much as scones can be used as the main lighting source, they can also support other light sources setting the right tone and creating coziness and style to the room, particularly when symmetrically positioned.

Wall sconces as decorative accents add character to the room they come in different styles and types.

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