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Craving Trends View Of an Office Chair.

If you’re employed in an office, you are most likely spending most, of your workday sitting. A survey has shown that office workers spend 6.5 hours on the average sitting. Over the course of a year, that’s approximately 1,350 hours sitting. (if we subtract holidays and sick days).

1350 hours a year on average, increases the risk of joint, back and neck pain. a common ailment experienced by many office workers. You can save yourself the pain and stress, meanwhile increasing productivity and efficiency, by investing a proper chair. In selecting the right chair for you, please consider the following guidelines

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the performance of an office chair is affected by the quality of the materials and the making of that product. The making of office-chair have evolved and diversified in the choice of materials and construction to answer the specific need and usage of that chair.

Nowadays office chairs are mostly made from the fhe following materials.

Tanned Leather, cowhide, sheepskin, and other genuine animal leather, makes a soft, trendy, refreshing and robust chair.

Faux Leather: It have the look, feel, of genuine leather but are made of synthetic materials and other synthetic or organic fabrics

Vinyl: the Vinyl office chairs are soft to the touch and comfy, and since vinyl could be a synthetic fabric, they’re water and other liquids resistant.

Nylon: nylon is another material within which office chairs are made. Nylon office chairs are cool, breathable, and light-weight. they’re water and other liquids resistant.

Plastic: it is an inexpensive material to use in mass production of plastic office chairs that are generally used, among others places, in waiting rooms and where there is a need for numerous chairs.

Wood: Wood for a long time has been the material of choice, stylish trendy durable material safe for the enviroment with a great selection of models and designs.

Nowadays office chairs are mostly made from the fhe following materials.

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The material, constituante, and build used in an office chair’s construction will affect its performance. Over the years, manufacturers have begun using a variety of materials and techniques to produce their office chairs, each of which has it’s unique characteristics.

Lumbar Support

Chairs that have Lumbar support should be high on your list when choosing an office chair contrary to the general assumption back, neck, joint or muscular pain are not soly labourious job hazards, but its office and desk jobs have their fair share of that risk. A survey has demonstrated that nearly 27% of Office worker that have a sitting posisition developped lower back, back joint and musculare pain.

lumbar support in an office chair revolves around the padding and cushioning supporting the lumbar region of the workers back. stabilizing the lower back,  reducing the stress and tension keeping a healthy spine, vertebrae, facet joints, and making sure discs are vertically stacked and held together.

Variety Of Office Chairs

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Sturdy Office Chairs.

Respecting the weight capacity of an office chair is very crucial first for the safety of the worker since the chairs could give up and break causing injury and that due to the stress of everyday use.

Most office chairs have the capacity to hold up 250 lbs person, but still if your need for a chair that holds a person with generous size and weight, that option is available.

This chair feature comes also in different styles and design, can withhold the Weight of person up to 500lbs respecting the larger size that person might have.

Office Chairs Legs Types.

Office chairs according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

website should have five casters (mounted wheels) that recommends the use of office chairs with five casters in computer workstations to promote productivity and reduce the risk of injury.

Mobility equals productivity workers have the freedom to move around their work station, without leaving their chairs, (no tripping and falling ) saving the time to move from one end to another.

Four-legged chair are not out of their use they are still useful for numerous places like the waiting room boardroom staff room. But certainly, if you are looking for productivity and safety in the workplace the five casters chairs should be your evident choice.

Space Management.

Most offices don’t have the luxury of abundant space so it is very wise to plan ahead maybe a little sketch with measurements can be very helpful, you have to know the nature of work taking place in that space and why you need that specific chair.

Office chairs come in different styles and designs and there is a different type for different usages and each needs a different Space due to their size. In summary before making your purchase make sure to take the right measurement of the available space not only to make sure it fits but also to have space for mobility.

Office chair Height

The standard height for regular office chairs from floor to seat top is between 17-19 inches it is the comfort zone for employees, in general, sitting behind a desk.

The 17 to 19 inches height norm. could be good for some but not for all!

Some people are taller or shorter than what would the general height which could cause discomfort and stress on the neck and lower back when sitting on inadequate seat height.

Adjustable Office Chair Height.

Respecting the recommendation Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to use an office chair with an adjustable height of 15 to 22 inches, then an adjustable here should go as low as 15 inches height from the seat top to the floor, and a hight as much as 22 inches in height from the seat top to the floor. Many manufacturer do not offer adjustable seat height to respect that norm for example (overseas manufacturers) we could settle for the nearest required height. The perfect office seat height for you is. when standing up straight the top of the seat should reach your kneecap.

Since you are in the quest for the ideal office chair,try looking for an office chair with multiple ergonomic adjustments is greatly beneficial to your comfort and your sitting position in general.


Going through measurement, seat height, textures, lumbar support, comfort, we arrive at the choice of style and design the aestetic part of your office plan the inerior design and decoration. The variety of office chairs styles design and models is so vast you can find the style that suits you best, traditional, modern, or you simply can follow the trends. we advise you here is to keep with the style you actually have and the same colour palette you are using.


Going through types of office chairs some have a mesh backrest, these chairs are the breathable kind (no chair do not have a breath) unlike the fully padded or solid backrest, these chairs are made specially to let the heat generated from you body escapes from that mesh part keeping your back comfortable dry and refreshed and you wouldn’t get sweaty back, with the exposure to the air circulating around you. those seats are recommended for a room when general heat is over 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Armrest on an Office Chair.

Resting your arms while sitting behind a desk or workstation, can drastically prevent fatigue and reduce the risk of getting MDSs (Muscular-Skeletal disorders) that is why armrest has a crucial role for you to have a healthy back.

You can have chairs with no armrests in waiting rooms and a staff room.

Ideally, armrests must have soft padded material, and adequately support your arms in length and width, also it’s recommended to have armrest with removable or adjustable height from 7 to 10.5 inches from the top of the seat and that according to the OSHA.


Reclining Office Chairs.

Last but not least the subject of the backrest should be fixed or reclining, depending on your need and the time you intend to spend in that chair. Logically reclining backrest chairs are more comfortable because of its ability to lean backward or forward. Experts recommend ergonomic office chairs with a reclining backrest because it contributes to reducing the stress on your neck and knees.

The option to lean backward or forward white sitting in an office chair with a reclining backrest, allows you to stretch without having to stand up also it gives the comfort of adjusting your backrest to the desired position and even lock it or unlocks into or out of position.

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