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Welcome to Cravintrends Home Page of the Modern Chairs Online Store

The homepage of Cravintrends the Modern Chairs online store, is where we seek excellence in quality, originalityand value in addition to comfort, which is paramount. Overall, we are looking for trends in the product, which we present through our online store for you to enjoy.

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So, if you are like us craving for a trend in furniture for a specific room in your home, or your want to accentuate the dramatic feeling check us out first, we can help you find all that you are looking for.


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It was a great discovery! online furniture store thank you for your excellent service
Reviews Shevon Green
Shevon Green
Cravintrends is an excellent company to deal with in all respects: price, communication, safe payment system, product, and delivery. I will certainly use them again and recommend them wholeheartedly.

Brittany MacDougal
Excellent service Ordered Online From It was super easy and kept informed at all times about the status of the order. Delivery excellent and chair beautiful
Laqueta Thomas

So, if you are like us craving for a trend in furniture for a specific room in your home, or your want to accentuate the dramatic feeling check us out first, we can help you find all that you are looking for.


Craving Trends LLC. a trendy furniture online store since our biggest concern is to present you with the best selections of quality products, ranging from top quality furniture at a very comprehensive and competitive price topped with free shipping from the USA to the contiguous USA

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New View On The Minimalist Japanese Trends

Minimalist Japanese Trends

Introduction to Japanese Minimalist Trends the Influence on The Minimalist Japanese Trends “Zen”.
The word that summarizes it all, the peaceful simplicity surrounding the Minimalist Japanese Trends and culture too. Creating a clean and un-littered living, holding tightly to balance, order, ancient customs and a love for natural beauty Japanese Trends “History and Philosophy Zen And Minimalist Japanese Trends Minimalist Japanese trends are a Zen philosophy demanding unclutteredness, the interior space has to be stripped down are the essential. You need a calm atmosphere, relaxing, poetic in the image of the traditional landscape, Such as the misty hills, also the cherry blossoms, in addition to the tall bamboo forests. Finally, the small stream running under its wooden bridge.

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
lei young

Typical Japanese living Room Trends

Most of Japanese life takes place on the floor, generally covered with carpets or mats made of natural fibers the famous tatamis that are also used in sports such as wrestling or judo. The dominant colors trends are natural and neutral shades such as white, beige, taupe, grey associated with black or red title

Typical minimalist Japanese trends for a living room must have tatami flooring in addition to sliding doors instead of hinged doors between rooms, furthermore, the chairs must be placed around a center to encourage exchanges. There must be low coffee tables, also a katsu, a low table at which a family may eat dinner or entertain guests while sitting on a zabuton or an occasional chair intended to be used on the tatami.

Let us talk about Ima or a chanoma. what a living room is called in Japan. The modern living room will have the more western style trends of a sofa and other living room furniture, but until the 1980s, you were more likely to find a small round table known as the shabudai as the centerpiece of the room. This is a very minimalist style and a common cultural dimension of the Japanese lifestyle. Minimalist Japanese trends in the living room design have a long history in Japanese culture. 

Minimalist Living Space

The essential component of Minimalist Japanese Trends from the Japanese culture, undeniably is the resilience use of resources. by the same token maximizing space rooms that are ordinary multi-usage. For instance, Japanese futon beds are folded and put away toward the beginning of the day transforming the sleeping area into an available space for other activities. Japanese room design is frequently changed. Meanwhile, the inner walls might be made out of shoji screens that can be sledded back to join rooms. Those sliding doors you are likely to use at least one of them to enter the living room, and are generally louvred, keeping up with the Japanese concept of letting in the natural light the best sentence summarizing the lifestyle of Minimalist Japanese Trends, is “Toning it down would be best”.

The task is to keep the palette restricted to only a couple of delicate hues white, dark, and dim are regular leave however much open space in the room as could reasonably be expected, and keep the surfaces of furniture generally uncovered. Include character with contacts of repressed shading, a couple of all around picked adornments, and a touch of differentiating surface all through the room

Privacy and seclusion are valued by traditional Japanese society and culture.

Shoji translucid paper screen doors allowing the filtration of light into the room are the main feature, offering privacy to diverse activities such as worship. meditation, mundane or intimate activities.

The trend to fuse natural materials in the traditional and modern Japanese design, for instance, superior wood, bamboo, silk, rice straw mats, and paper. 

The option of indoor plants and outside landscaping will include another extent of natural elements and accentuate the experience Since Japanese culture cherish simplicity, and the space in any room is similarly as significant as the design of a room and its substance.

Rooms that are structured with a Japanese style consistently have an uncluttered appearance and are constantly styled with simplicity Shoji are Japanese screens made with a wood casing and sheets of translucent paper.

fall in love with tradition

Shoji Screens

Shoji are Japanese screens made with a wood casing and sheets of translucent paper. Shoji screens are utilized as windows, entryways and room dividers. Like Fusuma boards, they give adaptability in room designs. While Shoji permit regular diffused light into rooms, they likewise provide privacy Tatami are customary Japanese floors made of rice straw mats. in the early days, most Japanese floors were tatami. In present day Japan, lofts and houses with a couple tatami rooms keep on being trendy. Tatami are a standard size of 34″5/8 x 69″2/8 inches in Tokyo however the standard size differs by Reception rooms usually have an alcove named tokonoma used for tea ceremony or other functions


A Tokonoma is still a feature in many modern Japanese living room, and frequently the center of attention of any room. An art work such as a painting an Ikebana, a Japanese flower arrangement, or a Japanese calligraphy are usually displayed as a complement to the design of a Tokonoma Naturals colors and materials are the most used elements, rather then relying on Stain or Paints, the Japanese prefer to rely on wood, bamboo, paper, rice straw and other natural fibers in their home interior design. Eventually in the case when, the synthetic materials or color, are used, the Japanese turn to atone it with calm pattern such as blacks, off-whites, grays and earthy colors.

Light Infiltration

Light Infiltration is commonly used in the Japanese interior design. by the use of Soji translucent screens allowing natural light to be diffused. In the quest to achieve harmony all sources of made light are diffused through translucent paper or other types of fiber. .


Fusuma are Japanese sliding boards that are regularly made of wood and paper or fabric. Despite the fact that they’re in some cases alluded to as sliding-doors, they’re frequently utilized over as space separators, which permits contiguous rooms to be joined in simple manners. Generally, Fusuma were painted by hand Traditional Trends Furniture in Japan had three main purposes: sleeping and sitting, prayer, and storage.


To replace seating and sleeping furniture, a mat called a tatami was used. Tatami mats were made of woven straw and or natural fibers the famous tatamis that are also used in sport and could be arranged in multiple ways. To supplant seating and dozing furniture, a tangle called a tatami was utilized. Tatami mats were made of woven straw and could be orchestrated in numerous manners. There were additionally Buddhist petition tables and special raised areas found in many family units. They were made of wood and were generally basic in structure


The word that summarizes it all, the peaceful simplicity surrounding the Minimalist Japanese Trends

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New Home Interior Design From Cravintrends.

From flower-patterned wallpaper to azure hues paint is expected to be prevailing home decor trends say-experienced interior designers.

Starting this decade how about refreshing your home with a new facelift, Breaking the monotony of the last 10 years, let us start with the top-recommended colors by some of the best interior designers such as classic blue, white, blush, burnt orange, charcoal, hunter green, clay. Maybe start with refreshing the core of your home with some new kitchen ideas or just hang a new art on the wall in the case you new to start with a big bang why not incorporate one or more, of the hottest home decor trend for 2020

What our favorite interior designers had to say about what will be the next sensational trends in home decor. From flower-patterned wallpaper to azure paint hues to multi-color finished kitchen cabinets and freestanding tubs in bathrooms, these are expected to be prevailing trends in 2020. Maybe you follow or unfollow trends, why not take a look at the ideas we are about to suggest, for sure there are some that you will love and keep on doing so for the next decade.

That inspirational phrase does not mean that all we’ll be seeing is traditional furniture everywhere but it is more like sampling and integrating items from the past into Today’s, furnishings.

knowledge, power, integrity, and sobrity is what Dark blue represents and  it’s capabilty to provide the perfect amount of contrast for interiors and exteriors in both traditional and modern home trends.

Deep midnight blue can create a feeling of luxury when used in a bedroom. Sapphire blues can be great as accent colors. even when used in detailing projects such as a kitchen island gets a quick upgrade or a room gets a dramatic new look with contrasting white trim and woodwork, the hue provides a powerful without resorting to the black color.

Imagine those gorgeous, alluring warm colors, reminiscent of the flower power Large patterns of flowers those gorgeous, alluring warm colors if that is too much for you to handle maybe you should take a deep breath Because the in 2020 that is the going trend. Flower pattern wallpaper has been around for a long time and you’ll still see the gorgeous designs, but with a more modern way update. Large, strong shading and even metallic forms, cool grey and blues will find themselves call at the cold. Move for corals, terracotta, sage greens, and warm greys. Browns, mustard, golds, and certain red tones in both wallpaper and decor accents will be making a comeback in 2020You might be tempted to paint your walls in black, to give your house that high contrast, now it’s the time to do so, but don’t overdo it.

White was the predominant color for a long time, things have changed for you to see a black fabric chair with white trimmings or frame or dark stained table-top on Light-colored hardware.

The all white kitchen that lead the trend of last decade is no longer a thing in 2020 People are walking away from all white designs towards natural or light-colored stained wood for the cabinets, islands , and shelving. No more restricted to keep the all white everywhere to have a radiant and fresh feeling for their new kitchen.


The freestanding tub has been around for nearly 150 years, seems to be making a wild comeback, as a trend either the flat-bottom tub shape or claw-foot freestanding tub. That has become the desired bathroom basin for all types of home styles, from modern to farmhouse to minimalist. 


Another decor trend for 2020. Is the colored kitchen cabinets, leaving you the choice of where the coloring should be the, for example, top cabinet, the islands, the base cabinets, or any combination of these. In the most popping color, you can choose either daring red, bright yellow, lively green, or navy.

“Antiquities] Antique arts, An old new thing is coming to be a trend for 2020 whether you already are a collectionneur or just starting to scratch the surface it time to continue and display these pieces proudly because antique arts is making its comeback big-time trend in 2020 most trendy items are chinoiserie ceramics, a fancy term for “Asian-style,” and painted art from the beginning of the last century, and farmhouse tables.

Patina furniture is expected to have its place as a trend in 2020. It is the glaze produced by age, wear, and polish or the oily build-up or residue of stained wood furniture. The trend in the color that you may also see earthy colors such as terracotta, or beige.]If you think that Rattan (the material) Wicker (the weave) is just garden furniture think again, it has evolved to be a trendy centerpiece in your home, it can be a chair armchair, coffee tables, balance dining room table, or alighting accessory it brings harmony between the traditional and modern style.

Comfy Fabric

Shearling (shorn lambskin) Sherpa (synthetic skin) imperfect Leathers, Cotton Linen, Wool, and soft textured Mohairs. Are the name of the game in upholstery and fabric in 2020, home trends, maybe putting the grand luxe velvet aside for this year. Changing some furnishings, furniture, accessories, in a small or large scale project for your bedroom, here are some hints on what is trending in  2020For minimalist inspiration, you need to be down to earth with nature-inspired spaces, keep the designs for bedrooms really soft and serene, focusing more on textures, and natural materials than patterns or colors. Using monochromatic colors, and just one print everywhere giving it a cool and modern look. For your bold and daring look then patterned headboards are your cue. Fabric headboards With more patterns, especially in a contrasting headboard fabric and the wallpaper to make the bedroom a bit more interesting and playful.  A great way to ease into this is an upholstered headboard This new year will bring a lot of upholstered walls and soft furnishings in bedrooms. You can incorporate bold textiles, patterns, and colors in the details such as pillows and upholstery without making the space feel too busy. Your bed, dresser, and nightstands shouldn’t a matching set .choose a fabric headboard that allows you to use wood side tables making the headboard stand out. Nothing better than a gorgeous chandelier, pendant, or flush mount scones that are creating beautiful from all sides including the bed, instead of side table lamps. ideally, a seating space would be a great addition to a bedroom. A bench on the foot of the bed, or if you have extra space why not have a nice sitting area. One more item that is equally important is storage furniture.


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The Living Room Lighting Types

Living Room Lights

Lighting Trio

An Experienced look at how to make the most of the lighting fixtures. Proper lighting can play a major role in defining the spirit of the living space. When planning a lighting project, we have to understand the three-lighting rule.

  1. Ambient lighting. To ensure thorough lighting across the room.
  2. Task lighting. Guiding light to a specific place.
  3. Accent lighting. Drawing attention to an object on display in a dramatical way

The living room has a specific need for illumination. Since the needs are different from other rooms in the house. There should be special attention to the intensity of lighting, to sufficiently illuminate all activities such as reading, entertaining, listening to music, or just watching Tv. To maintain the lighting trio rule in the living room we have to regulate the intensity, positioning, and diversity of lighting that can dramatically change the design and feel of a room.

Lighting categories

When we have a living room lighting project on hand, there are so many categories of lighting fixtures to consider.

  1. Overhead Lighting.
  2. Drop-Down Fixtures.
  3. Floor and Table Fixtures.
  4. Wall Sconces.

Overhead Lighting.

Spotlighting, track lighting, and flush / semi-flush mounting all these are mounted in the ceiling, providing ambient light which occasionally can be set in certain direction and intensities but not effective enough to be task lighting due to their positioning high on the ceiling.

Chandeliers and other pendant fixed to the ceiling and dropping down, are a great provider of ambient light and maybe task lighting depending on the size and placement, you will find these fixtures to be stylish and sophisticated

Traditional Chandeliers.

Chandeliers have multiple lamps and are a great provider of ambient light and maybe task lighting depending on the size and placement, you will find these fixtures to be stylish and sophisticated.

Chandelier The traditional version is a cluster of crystal prisms dangling from branches like metallic frames illuminating the room by refraction.

Modern Minimalist Chandelier.

The modern version has the tendency for minimalist trend From designs in warm woods and art glass to a variety of metallic looks, the modern chandelier comes in a wide range of innovative styles, shapes, and materials.

Modern chandeliers is are a sure way to give your home a trendy look. A chandelier could make a difference and refresh your space and with new lighting the ambiance will describe the theme for your interior design. With so many new trends emerging, there’s modern chandelier for everyone that crave trends.

Single Lighting Pendant

The Pendant lights add lighting superbly fusing with other lighting elements in the room. It is a one-light fixture dropping from the ceiling held by an electrical wire, secured with a decorative link.


Multiple Lighting Pendant

To add style these fixtures comes in multiple number mostly aligned or in a geometric formation, more people are resorting to this trend since its more economical than a chandelier in cost and space.

Floor And Table Lamps.

Task lighting can be achieved with floor and table lamps and as additional ambient light.

Some table lamps are purely decorative while others are meant to help illuminate an area. Table lamps allow a careful adjustment of the ambiance of a room in several ways. They offer this extra light where you need it while giving a touch of character. Table lamps are the perfect candidates to install on consoles, side tables, and bedside tables, desks, and shelves.

Floor lamps are also a perfect way to lighten up a living room. Usually, the floor lamp is built to send light upwards that acts as ambient light off the ceiling, Both fixtures fill the gap that ambient light can’t reach and to make it stylish you may need to use those types of fixtures anywhere in the room especially next to a couch or chair

Wall Sconces

A wall scone is an eye-level wall-mounted soft mood light source casting a glow on a surface and diffusing its light all around the room you can adjust the intensity of the light emitted by the categories of light bulbs used and with dimmers also. It’s the only fixture we install on a wall inside our house. As much as scones can be used as the main lighting source, they can also support other light sources setting the right tone and creating coziness and style to the room, particularly when symmetrically positioned.

Wall sconces as decorative accents add character to the room they come in different styles and types.

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Craving Trends View Of an Office Chair.

If you’re employed in an office, you are most likely spending most, of your workday sitting. A survey has shown that office workers spend 6.5 hours on the average sitting. Over the course of a year, that’s approximately 1,350 hours sitting. (if we subtract holidays and sick days). Continue reading Craving Trends View Of an Office Chair.